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The prime example of a company that has yet to live up to it's full potential and probably never will.One of the only companies I ever knew where the fans and avid madden players know more about how to make a great football game than the people who are making the football game. A company that has no idea what they are doing.One who's only solution to make a better product is to all together buy out another company or competition (ie. NFL 2k5). EA is a company that cuts corners,, make obvious common errors that a 2 year old can do right only once and then places the blame on a console. Or better yet, tosses alot of help under the bus(like blaming the NFL for why the uniforms this year are they way they are). A company that is in dire need for a change and one with pink slips.
-aww man the unis in this game is all wrong man How can they make all white socks when the have the exclusive license? better yet why is no refs and no field goal nets? and why are there players running off the field into stadium parts too?

-Sigh, dude you say this every year and yet you buy their products don't you know by now EA will always be EA?

-(sigh) yep.
realistic view가 작성 2007년 09월 03일 (월)
Just like the rest have said, 3 things, drinking, drugging and sexing And if your not apart of that then the half don't want to deal with you, the high schools in the area pretty much proves that ALOT. The town does have it's positives and negatives but the negatives seem to always superceed.pretty much a social pandoras box really, if you don't get out while you have the chance? you pretty much get stuck. With that said place offers some pretty good stuff though, It's just that sometimes it feels like its in a world of it's own.
Just another day in good o'l Reisterstown..
realistic view가 작성 2007년 09월 03일 (월)
AKA BDS. its a cause of a customer buying a product and it turns out to be a faulty product or a product that was under the expectation of the customer who recieved it.

Instead of the customer A. returning the product to the company for a better one. or B. realize that they have been duped and count their losses. They instead lie to themselves that the product was supposed to do this all along and that this is a good product knowing that it is a bad lackluster investment in a product.
-Can you believe he told me that in madden? the uniforms are not a big deal and also that player doing a moonwalk on the field is just a planned patch from EA coming soon?

-yeah he suffers from Buyers Denial Syndrome. Probably thinks that superman returns should have been game of the year too....

realistic view가 작성 2007년 09월 03일 (월)

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