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A member of an opposing gang that has killed one of your homies in the past. Although your first instinct is to exact revenge on that motherfucker, you are aware that it may ignite another gang war. Gang wars, although hilarious and fun, are not desired by the warlords in the ghetto because they attract attention to the underworld from Whitey and/or "The Man." Quite often, you are a Chan Tigah to someone else because you gunned down his cousin at the taco stand. The huge number of Chan Tigahs in the Ghetto is what sociologists refer to as "Street Brinkmanship," meaning, since everyone has Chan Tigah status, no one can kill anyone for fear of starting a huge gang war.

A Chan Tigah is a politically complex term for an enemy that you want to kill but can't.
I wanted to kill that motherfucker chan tigah last night in the back alley, but "Five Tooth Tre Dog" told me to wait until the heat was off.
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When a gay guy goes in for the kill.
Hey Gordon (from Sesame Street),

Can I unwrap the soap in the shower with you?
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When your fecal matter itches and has cuts all over it. The shit often doesn't fit in in polite social circles.
I sure feel sorry for my shit. It had shit herpes.
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The term "one word" is used in place of the term "gay," usually in Politically correct environments such as offices or family dinners. The usage of the term "gay" in this instance refers to lame situations, not someone's sexual orientation.

The term only works when the speaker and the listener are both familiar with one another's lingo.
Ernie: Hey Frankie, how was the weekend?

Frankie: Oh, it was pretty bad. My girlfriend made me watch Titanic and then she started singing along with that crappy Celine Dion song...

Ernie: One word.

Frankie: Indeed. One word.
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A character known for his wit, charm, and snotty anus.
One day the Boogerly Bumhole was walking down the street when he ran into his cousin, Dinkhole.
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When the tensions between two or more rival gangs reaches a critical point in which the outcomes of any violent act would be devastating to all parties.

In the early 1990s, when Whitey's control over street gangs was much more pronounced, the main fear during a situation of Street Brinkmanship was that violence would spill into the suburbs and cause the hammer of the white devil to fall from the sky. As a result, Street Brinkmanship was maintained through the practice of having satellite affiliate gangs perform indirect attacks on gang assets through much milder warfare. The warfare was often set up to look like "some crackhead" got his hands on a gun and blew a whole bunch of motherfuckers away.

Into the early 2000s, however, Whitey's control over street gang activities became less obvious (although farther reaching and exponentially more sophisticated). Only the most intelligent gang members were able to steer their "Ghetto Pirate Ships" through the webs of deceit that were woven by evil "Prime Movers" who governed the urban underworld from back rooms in sinister-looking high-rises. It was imperative, therefore, for all gangs to protect the unsettled peace that was imposed upon them for fear of repercussions unimaginable to mortal men.

Crip #1: I wanted to fuck that motherfucker up, but my man, Slimey, will let "The Old Man in the Tower" know about it and he'll feed my family to pigs.

Crip #2: That's fucked, man. I wish it was like the old days where you could go out and blast a motherfucker without having to get permission from some old white dude. The Bloods been waitin' for this motherfuckin' shit and we's afraid to deliver.

Crip #1: Chill it, bro. Let's keep waitin'. I don't want get no cement shoes or nothin'. A niggah will get his own when he has it comin'. Maintain, motherfucker. Maintain the Street Brinkmanship. Let's get us some tacos.

Crip #2: A'ight.

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pollup가 작성 2007년 12월 29일 (토)
When a big fat guy steps on your belly and ruptures your intestines. The poop squishes down into you scrotum causing your testicles to get all shitty.

Ah, dude. That guy caused Billy to get shitesticles.
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