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technique often used by people unable to make physical models by hand (particularly architecture students) often referred to as 'cheat not craft'.
These people will try to not reveal the cheapness of the technique by claiming to have made it by hand.
hey bro, that looks unnecessarily complicated, how you gonna model that?
man ill just cnc it
yeah yeah broseph...cheat not craft
pary pary가 작성 2010년 02월 11일 (목)
a computer modelling tool that is successfully destroying the design process. in a few years our cities will be full of crappy extruded shapes. architecture students find this tool useful as it has allows the user to posess no real skill in designing.
sketchup is the present and the future of bad architecture.
oh yeah its a sketchup model, i dont want it to look like one though so ill render it in v-ray or overdraw it
yeah, sounds good. why don't you use one of the 'sketchy effects' instead. EVEN less work!!!
pary pary가 작성 2010년 02월 11일 (목)
a tool used to render computer models that has exploded in popularity in the last year or so.
People with no real design skill or value for good presentations now run 100 or more renders at a time of various unconsidered, pointless views of their proposal in a 'photorealistic' style. If you can call it a style, or even 'photorealistic'.
90% of the users aren't capable of changing basic settings and rely on the defaults (but still claim to be experienced, or competant.)
WOOAHHH, bro, that's a nice V-ray render you got there, what settings did you use!?
Oh, you know, uh... the um, defaults.
Oh right, but I thought I'd seen the same render before.
Yeah, I was trying the different pre-settings all day long.
pary pary가 작성 2010년 02월 11일 (목)
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