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having someone bite/lick your vagina. pleasuring the vagina with only your mouth.
meggers가 작성 2003년 07월 26일 (토)
Founded by revolutionary educator Mary Lyon in 1837, Mount Holyoke College in South Hadley, MA is the first women's college in the United States and the founding member of the Seven Sisters, the female equivalent of the formerly all-male Ivy League. Mount Holyoke is consistently ranked among the top 25 liberal arts colleges in the country, attracting intelligent, talented, and driven women from literally all over the globe. True to its mission statement, Mount Holyoke's empowering atmosphere is geared towards "fostering the alliance of liberal arts education with purposeful engagement in the world." Smart women choose Mount Holyoke for its academic excellence, beautiful campus, and the amazing and friendly women who go there. Mount Holyoke women can also take advantage of the 5-College Consortium, which connects MHC to nearby Amherst, Smith, and Hampshire Colleges, as well as UMass-Amherst.
"She's smart, talented, socially conscious, and basically awesome. She must go to Mount Holyoke."
meggers가 작성 2005년 12월 24일 (토)
a mysterious word used to replace everything. best when used repeatedly in one sentence. derived from strange folks in eastern massachusetts.
"i hope that jut doesnt turn red"
"dont be fooled by the rocks that i got i'm stil, i'mstill puis from the jut"
"i'll mosh in your jut til its all juty like"
MeGGeRs가 작성 2003년 07월 06일 (일)
an insult derived from someones last name because the kid was a complete jackass. created in eastern mass

stupid, ugly, a moron. pretty much anything overtly insulting turned into the ultimate insult

also see jut
shut up puis

hey puisface

MeGGeRs가 작성 2003년 07월 06일 (일)
putting your finger(s) in a girls vagina.
my pants are off; now bang me dammit!
meggers가 작성 2003년 07월 26일 (토)
another word for female "genitalia", aka cunt twat chac, vag, beef curtains.

used in referance to yours,hers,your gfs, your moms or anyones vagina.

also used as an insult or term of endearment
shut the fuck up you couche burger

i railed that chic in her couche burger

dude i have a wedge and its right up my fucking couche burger
MeGGeRs가 작성 2003년 07월 06일 (일)
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