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Someone who makes decisions based only on an objective perception of reality rather than emotions or personal benefit. A nihilist is not a self-aggrandizing narcissist who beleives that they are above the law. A Nihilist is someone who does not take pleasure from indulgence, therefore serial killers and insane dictators are not nihilists. People try to attach anti-social murderers to nihilism because they do not understand it and therefore fear it, and want everyone to hate it; however trying to manipulate others is a characteristic of anti-social behavior: So when someone tells you that Nihilists are evil, you know 2 things 1# The person telling you this is evil and #2 They are trying to manipulate you (A Nihilist wouldnt tell you this though because a Nihilist wouldnt tell you anything is evil, therefore I am not a Nihilist, its harder to become a Nihilist than a Doctor). Nihilists cannot be manipulated because they create their own beleifs about the world based on their experiences and facts ,influence free. A Nihilist would beleive in God if he met God. True enlightenment. Stage 5 in Maslow's theory, self-actualization and beyond. Sanity.
Children are told about Santa Claus because it fills their lives with a sense of fantasy that makes it more fun for them, when they are older and more mature they are told the truth. The same is true for religion, law, and good and evil.

A Nihilist is not someone who does harm to others.
Who is Better?
The man who helps others because of a reward of Heaven and a perfect life.
The man who helps others to see their gratitude.
The man who helps others because he chose to and needed no reward.

The first two help others only because it helps them in some way, the last man is the only one good in a righteous sense, A Nihilist, he does not need or want any reward. He simply helps because of his own beleif that he should, mabye jesus wasn't the son of god, just the first Nihilist and he needed to tell you a little fairy tale to get you to co-operate.
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matthhhhew가 작성 2006년 12월 12일 (화)
Existentialism is the reason why the people with the highest I.Q.s in the world go traveling in tibet then become garbagemen.
"I used to think Eistein was smart, then I read about existentialism and I don't beleive in the word smart anymore."

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matthhhhew가 작성 2006년 12월 12일 (화)
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