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A town located in South Western Nassau County, Long Island NY. Lynbrook is quite an interesting town sprawling with gossip, money, snobby teenagers and Jews. It is situated next to Valley Stream a diverse poorer town. Lynbrook though is predominantly white and very sheltered. It is divided into two parts. The North Side and the South Side. The south side predominantly has a higher Jewish population due to it's proximity to Hewlett. Meanwhile the North side has a high population of Irish, Italian and Slavic residents. Families have moved here from the City ( aka Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx ect ) The North side is much smaller than the south side and contains a small yet warm community. Homes near the Malverne border and deeper North tend to be nicer than other sections of the N Side. The South side is larger. Parts of the south side, especially streets right off of Peninsula and Sunrise Highway tend to be ' less nice ' than others and have homes that are smaller. The North side has been noted for having 'older money' thus families who are well established meanwhile the South side contains many affluent Jewish Doctors. Most of the Mayors of Lynbrook reside on the Noth Side. Families on the S South are generally more flashy. They love to show off their shiny white or red Mercedes or Lexus. Families on the N Side will drive a black on black Tahoe or Acura. The wealth is more or less even though. NO Hewlett Harbor and EROCK do not count as part of South Lynbrook.
Man I miss Lynbrook NY
Lynbrook High reminds me of mean girls....
Yo Dude LHS Kicks asss @ LAX
EVERYONE in LHS has a blackberry
Hey did you see that girl roll in with her new BMW ??!!
OMG I so want an iced coffee from Cheesestore !
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