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International British School in Bogota, Colombia. The school is full of wealthy kids. The yearly tuition at the school costs almost the same as that of private colleges. Many students have personal drivers and sometimes bodyguards.

Many of them end up going to college in other parts of the world, including: the US, UK, France, Germany, Australia, Korea, Canada, Japan, etc. During Middle School they take the British GCSE's and during High School they take IBs. All students are 100% bilingual and many of them are trilingual.

The faculty members at the school are primarily British and very talented. They are also, however, crazy. It is common to see the British faculty partying with underaged students: drinking at bars, drinking at a teacher's home, and there have been quite a few scandals of teachers sleeping or hooking up with students (even on the middle of the dance floor during prom!).

After the year 2000 the school suffered a slight decline in prestige due to the high number of "new rich" enrolling. The "old wealth" at the school was not happy.
Common phrases at The English School:

"I can't believe that guy had sex with our bio teacher during his senior trip!"

"No, I can't go to play squash to the country club, we're going to our private island this weekend."

"I remember when the school did not accept the children of drug dealers ("sigh")"

"Yeah, I'm pretty sure Donald MacIver (literature and drama teacher) is gay."

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