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While not technically the largest city in Missouri (that honor belongs to Kansas City, due to some creative annexing and stupidity on St. Louis' part), the entire area's a lot bigger and more influential. Home to Budweiser, the St. Louis Cardinals and the Gateway Arch, this city of roughly 2.8 million people also has some good music, good food and weird customs. It's pretty much Boston-on-the-Mississippi: mostly Catholic, very insular, loves baseball a little too much, has an inferiority complex (here it's with Chicago) that we take out through baseball. It's got a lot of bad points, too: we live too much in the past, we've deluded ourselves into thinking we're either still really important or just a "big small town", and we can't support a football team worth a damn. Overall, it's a very Midwestern city: misunderstood and a little weird.
"Where did you go to high school?"--If you can't answer this question with something an average person born in St. Louis can understand, you're fucked. Seriously.
kev07가 작성 2006년 08월 19일 (토)
A term used to describe the university of southern california, because most of its students are, well, spoiled children. Is used most commonly by students/supporters of UCLA, Notre Dame, and also people that God gifted with a brain.
Mike: So, did'ja hear about Brittney?
Jack: No surprise, she's going to the University of Spoiled Children. Daddy gave her implants for her graduation just to ready her for it.
kev07가 작성 2006년 08월 19일 (토)
The world's greatest example of a chick flick. Based off a book by Nicholas Sparks (of A Walk to Remember fame, so you know what you're getting from the start), it follows two Southern teenagers (played by Ryan Gosling, who every girl who's ever seen the movie develops an irrational crush on, and Rachel McAdams, who is much more palatable in Wedding Crashers) from apparently the 1950s to the present day. Being male, I didn't keep track of the plot, or the dialogue, or much else: I just kept handing the girl I was watching it with tissues and nipping off to the bathroom to check the Chicago White Sox score.
Guy: Oh god, here we go again...
kev07가 작성 2006년 08월 19일 (토)
1. Hitting someone, normally in the face, with the grip of a pistol.
2. According to Homer Simpson, a whipped-cream (vaguely resembling Cool Whip) product eaten with a pistol.
1. "He pistol-whipped that snitch but good."
2. "mmmm... Pistol Whip"
kev07가 작성 2006년 08월 19일 (토)
1. Color seen as the most stereotypical "feminine" color.
2. Singer (real name Alicia Moore) who started out doing rap, then pop, then more emotional (but not emo) pop. Married to Carey Hart, who has begun referring to himself as "Mr. Pink", not only because of his marriage but because he likes Reservoir Dogs.
1. "I don't know, she's bound to like something pink."
2. "Eh, Pink's okay, but what she lacks in range she makes up for in the body department. Carey Hart is a lucky bastard."
kev07가 작성 2006년 08월 19일 (토)
A book, later turned into a film, that fictionalized life under fashion editor Anna Wintour at Vogue. Book is a prime example of chick-lit, but the movie is good for girls (uplifting story), boys (it's got Anne Hathaway...) and all of us (mostly because Merrill Streep kicked ass in it).
Jackie: "Hey, let's go see 'The Devil Wears Prada'! I've heard the clothes in it are sooooooooo beautiful!"
Colin: "Okay, but you'd better do something to make up for it. Which includes but is not limited to giving me a handjob in the theatre."
kev07가 작성 2006년 08월 19일 (토)
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