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located in the seqouia/kings canyon national forest(s) of eastern central california is a town called hume, only existent because of hume lake christian camps, the largest Christian camp in the nation, also a non-profit organization. during the months of summer there are up to 2-3000 campers alone each week, not to mention the summer staff and year-round full-time staff.

very, very beautiful place. very isolated also; the nearest city is fresno and it's 70 miles away. there is limited internet connectivity, no cell phone service, and plenty of outdoor activities. perfect place for a solitary or wholesome vacation. it also seems that since it is a private, small comunity is is somehow above the law... no seatbelts, no licenses, sometimes outrageous work hours/pay.

ALSO big big land of abbreviations, for exapmle:

DTR = "define the relationship," a common concept in Christian culture i suppose
SS = "support services," one of the staff departments
pondy = "ponderosa," main camp
HAG = "high adventure guide," another staff department
meadow = "meadow ranch," a junior high camp
g-store = "general store," pretty much the only place to get as much of everything as you can for triple the usual price
person 1: omg... look at all these kids... WHY ARE THERE SO MANY? WHAT are they doing? is that kid jumping onto that giant blob to launch the kid on the end into the water?!

person 2: oh, yes. this is hume lake, duh! what did you expect? it's called "the blob," get used to it.
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