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The inexplicably popular hair style of Persian FOB's. The hair style itself has many variations; all of which possess a few Core attributes or khaasssiaaaat.

1.The hair is usually gelled or solidified in place with a strange substance known only as kat-e-ra... A mysterious substance derived from the essence of pure gayness. If a FOB has no means of securing Kat-e-ra, they usually just use any type of over the counter adhesive.

2. The hair itself is seldom omni-directional; with most of the hair leaning towards one direction as though an egg had struck the side of the FOBs head at high speed and a snapshot was taken.

3. The hair is straight-up glistening. FOBS with the Iran Cut can often be seen from great distances due to their greasy luster and more often smelled from the same distances.

4. The Iran cut itself is not confined to the head and may be applied to the eyebrows and sideburns to achieve a heightened level of homosexuality.

4. It is the obligation of all non-Fob Iranian men to compliment people with Iran cut so as to preserve the Iran Cut as a means of quickly identifying faggot-ass Iranian fobs.

Hairstylist: So what kind of a cut would you like today?

FOB: I vant liek a Cot... dat liek looks liek cerayzee you know...like seeerrriouuuss.

Hairstylist: oh kooni, Iran cut it is
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