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An MP3 player company. Originally found the archos Gmini 402 when my friend was looking for an iPod video. I Said, Dude, let me research which MP3 player you should buy. He said, k man. I looked at all sorts of sites and found this golden god. I had no intent to buy it, but I fell in love. Now all my friends bought it, and my sole purpose has been to replace the iPod with the Archos.

1.USB In allows to hook up to a Digi cam or another Archos and transfer directly.
2.Extra clear screen and ultra crisp color....16:9
3.Built in Mic and comes with Archos to TV cables.
4.Charge that LASTS!!
5.Games, Pics, Tons of Video formats, and of course, MUSIC playlists and plug and play with ANY computer...NO SOFTWARE OR CD NEEDED
6.Check it out....my friends all bought them after I did...
Person A - Hey, iPods suck it hardcore man, what should I buy?

Person B - The Archos Gmini 402...I got one for $230 on Amazon!!

Person C - Get an iPod, taht way you can join the mass isiot stereotype of iPod users.

Person B - Here, try my archos for an hour

Person A - Hey, this is awesome!!! Games? Wow! Die iPod Nation!!
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iDont가 작성 2006년 04월 04일 (화)
When two persons are standing in conversation with one another during a Kiddush and one 'converser' leaves for a second to get food or say hello to another Kiddush occupant and:

A: The person supposed to be waiting wanders off.

B: The person goes away and never returns.
1. I went away for a second to say hello to Charlie and that Douche bag Josh Kidditched me!

2. That Douche bag Josh just went off to get some Kugel, and he Kidditched me. What a prick.
#kugel #kiddush #ditch #kiditch #kiddutch
iDont가 작성 2007년 10월 15일 (월)
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