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Computer repair service; Circuit City's response to the geek squad. Like the geek squad, the firedog team is composed mostly of people who have very little experience working with computers outside of their job. Firedog charges the maximum price for computer repair that customers will withstand. This is quite high because the majority of people lack understanding to the point where they are not confident enough to do whatever computer repair task they require on their own. They have a unique advantage because they are one of the only well known suppliers of computer repair service and their official looking uniforms and limited amount of computer jargon are enough to convince most people that they know what they are doing. This is generally misleading as their business model is based on maximizing point of sale profit at all costs meaning that customer satisfaction is a relatively low priority because the type of customer that their service targets has almost nowhere else to run.
My friend doesn't know shit about computers. He called firedog and got raped $500 to fix a computer that he paid $300 for 5 years ago. They didn't even fix what he wanted them to fix. I've done better computer repair jobs in neat curly brown piles on the lawn.
boomshakalakaboomshakalakaboom가 작성 2007년 10월 20일 (토)
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