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A petite woman, usually with dark hair, with the sweetest disposition & beautiful heart. Graceful & elegant with a beauty that shines from within.
She was a Malan that could rival no other.
Badbrad가 작성 2013년 07월 23일 (화)
Modern Hawaiian for the smokin hot female ruler of the house. By necessity of their lifestyle Qweenihinis like anything that reminds them of anything other than where they are right now, and hawaii is just as good as anywhere else. Qweenihins like orchids, plants, warm trade winds, beaches, and sweet drinks made by their private bartender with lots of liquor. Favorite color is pink. Favorite car is a Civic with pink ralley stripes. Favorite drink is a ytmp. Favorite boy is a badbrad. Favorite activity is anything away from pupukakas and kukupapa.
Qweenihinis are well known for their very nice milkshake, and it is often a point of discussion amongst both genders at the bar. Qweenihinis like motorcycle racers, bad boys, eye candy, riding crops, and private bartenders.
Qweenihinis have one flaw, poor prior judgement that resulted in an on going relationshit, as qweenihins may be found married to a kukupapa, but regret it sometimes, like whenever the pupukakas come over.
Qweenihinis often regret the date October 1st for some unknown reason.
Hey Qweenihini, lets go relax at the bar and get you away from those damned pupukakas before your husband shows them how to burn down your house.
badbrad가 작성 2009년 02월 03일 (화)
Abbreviation for a drink called "your tongue my panties" - favorite drink of a qweenihini.
1 oz each of rum, coconut rum, southern comfort, peach schnapps, cranberry juice, orange juice, and flaot of 151 rum
Make me a YTMP bartender, I've had a bad day.
badbrad가 작성 2009년 02월 03일 (화)
modern hawaiian for a divorced and bitter female that was once impregnated by a kukupapa. A kakamama's offspring are known as pupukakas. Kakamamas are often found at local bars with or without pupukakas in tow depending on who has custody that week. If pupukakas are not present, one should not assume they do not exist, as a kakamama may have custody and be using a wallkie talkie in lieu of a babysitter.

Kakamamas have a polar opposite sense of time that work only to their benefit. When custody change occurs - kakamamas will drop off pupukakas early, sometimes many hours prior to the scheduled time, and when due to pick up their little legal obligations, they may not show for days.
She dropped of those pupukakas in the middle of our bachelor party - that kakamama has no sense.
badbrad가 작성 2009년 02월 03일 (화)
Modern hawaiian for an adult male that has the behavioral traits and common sense equal to or less than the children he fathered. Kukupapas are obsessively pre-occupied with female breasts and butt sex. Offspring of a kukupapa and kakamama mating are known as pupukakas. A Kukupapa is commonly found spending all the family's limited money on expensive electronics to give to the pupukakas, which will lose or break such within 30 days or less. Kukupapas routinely "improve" expensive household items by dismantling them inventing new things with them - often resulting in fire.
Poor Tracy, she didnt know he was a kukupapa until he took the new microwave apart to make a remote control anal bead warmer out of it.
badbrad가 작성 2009년 02월 03일 (화)
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