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the whovians are considered to be psychopathic rainbow ponies from the extinct planet of gallifrey. They obsess over the words "Pond" and "Bad Wolf". The whovians are very strong. They can beat the shit out of other fandoms, and still have time for a cup of tea with their other fandoms, the supernaural fandom and the sherlock fandom. These fans are willing to donate their eyebrows for the current doctor, Matt Smith who seems to have no eyebrows. They fear nothing in the Earth except their whovian leader, Steven Moffat, the head writer of Doctor Who. They all seem to plan revenge on Moffat for ruining their lives.

The fandom is currently worldwide, planning on being universal (outerspace). If you cross a whovian, make sure you don't say these phrases:
"David Tennant's hair sucks"
"Rose Tyler deserved to die"

Saying those phrases will result in a bloodbath, and it may cause hellucinations after.

The whovians also have a very unique way in the kitchen. For breakfast, they eat fish finger's and custard, for dinner, they eat soufle's, for parties, they only eat banana's.

Oh, and one more thing, beware the silence will f-----
Whovians are the best of the world. If you want to survive an apocalypse or any major disaster, turn to whovians for help.
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