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Stafforditis: noun, pronunciation (staff-urd-ite-iss), Massive disease spreading around Stafford County, Virginia. The condition of boredom recieved by living in Stafford for more than a year. It emmits thoughts through ones mind that produces a strong effect of boredom, and may cause one to think that they are "hood", "prep", "punk", "ghetto", "skater", "emo", and in rare cases, all of the above. Although stafford is the gayest place on the planet, it causes one to appreciate Stafford, even with the feeling of boredom involved. There is no cure for Stafforditis, and if one comes down with this condition, they shall become a fag for the rest of their life, no matter if they move to the streets of Compton, the suburbs of Orange County, the backwater boondocks of Berlington, or even the neighboring urban street of Woodbridge. People with stafforditis also are known to have a higher possibility of contracting the "clap" or syphilis

Ex. 1

Some guy "hey wanna go out to the club with me"

Some girl "no, thank you. i can't on the account that i have stafforditis and i'm wack. i think that clubs are insufficient and are very dangerous. i'd rather sit at home and do nothing and be bored."

Ex. 2

some kid "hey, lets make a basket ball court in Austin Ridge"

HOA of Austin Ridge "No, i can't, on the account of i have stafforditis. creating a courtplace or any other social gathering of that matter in Austin Ridge or the whole county of stafford will promote violence."

Origin - The fags that created Stafford County
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