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Emo girls are 14-17 years old, but unfortunately its spreading to the younger generations (12,13). They wear skinny jeans, band tee's, studded belts, black and red, wrist bands, converse high tops and shop at hot topic and Spencers. They have medium length dyed, greasy hair with bangs that cover at least one of their eyes. they can be annoying, but are not all bad. They listen to bands like, blood on the dance floor, my chemical romance, green day, and even sometimes, Nirvana. They are usually attracted to emo or skater boys and some consider goths, scenes, and punk-rockers posers. Most are obsessed with anarchy, but have the wrong definition. They will all most always have a facebook or myspace where they upload angsty pics of themselves. Emos are not emos because they cut, which most of them don't.
"i just got the new evanescence Cd at hot topic, i'm going to go light some candles in my bathroom, listen to the cd, right angsty teen poems and cry. And when i'm done i'm going to post some angsty pics on myspace so all my angsty friends can see how emo i am." ~an emo girl
XxuniquexX가 작성 2011년 04월 12일 (화)
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