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Footage of a celebrity / celebrities who are otherwise not known as pornographic performers engaging in sexual acts. Often takes the form of an amateur porn home movie. May be used as a form of publicity by particularly cynical / fame-seeking individuals.
Did you guys catch the Paris Hilton sex tape?
Ucrylic가 작성 2010년 05월 22일 (토)
Acronym; 'point-of-view'. Describes a genre of pornography in which the sexual acts are filmed from the point of view from one partner (usually male) as they are performed with the other (usually female) partner. Often used to depict close-ups of penetration; as such, frequent depictions involve oral and rear-entry positions, including anal. Owing to it's cheap and easy-to-make nature, frequently appears in amateur and low-budget pornography.
Me and Jane watched a pretty hot P.O.V movie last night.
Ucrylic가 작성 2010년 05월 20일 (목)
Pornography in which the participants are amateur performers as opposed to professionals. Often takes the form of a home movie. Owing to the low-budget nature, often filmed static-shot or P.O.V style. A celebrity who indulges in this may see it released as a sex tape.
I was so bored last night I spent five hours watching amateur porn on YouPorn.
Ucrylic가 작성 2010년 05월 22일 (토)
Verb. A form of sexual intercourse in which the male partner inserts his penis between the (frequently lubed or oiled) breasts of the female partner and has 'sex' with them by squeezing them together to simulate vaginal or anal penetration, frequently resulting in a pearl necklace.
Jen let me titty-fuck her last night.
Ucrylic가 작성 2010년 05월 20일 (목)
Highly revealing female clothing, often involving clingy fabrics such as leather, denim and lycra, used to reveal / emphasise as much of the body as possible. Usually, particular emphasis is placed on cleavage, the lower torso (exposed belly buttons are common), buttocks and legs. Frequently combined with fuck me pumps. Owing to it's frequent appearance in adult entertainment (strippers, pornstars, prostitition etc) as a form of tantalisation, frequently leaves the wearer open to the accusation of promiscuity and being a whore, slut and / or skank.
I see Kelly's rocking the skank wear tonight. No doubt she'll be sucking some stranger off before too long.
Ucrylic가 작성 2010년 05월 22일 (토)
Breast implants. Shortening of 'fake breasts' / 'fake tits', etc.
Did you catch a glimpse of Melanie's new breasts? Who does she think she's kidding with those fakes?
Ucrylic가 작성 2010년 05월 22일 (토)
A sexual act in which the male partner ejaculates over the face, chin, neck, shoulders and / or breasts of the female partner at climax. Frequently the result of a blow job or a titty-fuck. Named for the piece of jewelry and the similarity between it and the position / appearance of semen following ejaculation on these areas.
I gave Jen a pearl necklace last night.
Ucrylic가 작성 2010년 05월 20일 (목)
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