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Trilby Florida is a rural town with a Community Center, Post office and a Methodist Church in the heart of town. It was a busy railroad town back in it's hayday. The Greater Trilby Community Association is a non-profit organization that started in late 2001 by a local community leader/activist. Denny Sharkey Mihalinec. This group covers the Trilby,Lacoochee and Trilacoochee areas residents needs. Such as food,clothing,housing,youth programs,computer room,library and job assistance & so much more. It is also known for it's 47 mile trail called the Withlacoochee State Trail.
Are you going to see Trilby Florida? The old railroad town? Maybe the Withlacoochee state trail near Owensboro park....
Trilby Citizen가 작성 2010년 12월 04일 (토)
Located in the heart of Trilby Florida. This use to be an old house used as an office back in the late 70's. Community Activist/Leader Denny Sharkey Mihalinec seen this county owned building as a way to start Trilby's first ever community center for area families to meet, to hold Town Hall Meetings, kids activities, festivals and a small part turned into a Library and computer room. Many Federal,State, County, City, Senators, Congressman and more participated in Town Hall meetings to improve the areas interest. At it's peak some 150 residents packed this small center for meetings on concerns residents had about the lack of jobs and infrastructure, the need for better housing in the Trilby, Lacoochee & Trilacoochee neighborhoods.
Come to your Town Hall Meeting @ The Trilby Community Center. Invite your friends and neighbors!
Trilby Citizen가 작성 2010년 12월 07일 (화)
A non-profit organization started in one of Florida's poorest communities back in late 2001 by an activist for change. Denny Sharkey Mihalinec. TCA as it was originally called, started out with a few residents from 2001-2003. Some faded out and Denny Sharkey Mihalinec went out door to door asking residents to get involved to make a difference. The goal was to bring industry, better housing opportunities, food resources, youth activities, the first ever crime watch program that turned into a full time security patrol, educational help for the low income, the need for infrastructure and so much more.
The Original founding of The Greater Trilby Community Association....
Trilby Citizen가 작성 2010년 12월 07일 (화)
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