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I love how people bash Stamford,CT for being a "ghetto" and having lots of diversity. I wonder how Stamford compares to Greenwich when it comes down to kids being raised by nannies because their mothers are to busy getting drunk at Greenwich Country Club. I don't think to much of that goes on in Stamford because unfortunately for us, there is no country club, DARNIT! Yea, our public schools are rough, but we make it through, and we're better people for it. Greenwich HIgh is a joke! The same goes for Darien High, New Canaan High, and all those other surrounding towns who love to "Stamford and Norwalk Bash" because we have some diviersity. Atleast we're not narrow minded rich kids with nothing better to do then sit around, get drunk, and buy some cocaine with our allowance that Dad gave us on Sunday after church.
Stamford,CT Kid #1 "Lets drive down Greenwich Avenue and laugh at all the losers standing outside Starbucks."
Stamford, CT Kid #2 "Sounds like a plan."
Torri가 작성 2005년 09월 26일 (월)
All the teenagers in New Canaan need to find a real place to hang out, besides that run down variety store, Mackenzies. People in New Canaan would never stoop down to being NORMAL and go hang out at the Mobil directly across the street like most teenagers do. No, they need to stand outside a variety store in their pink and green outfits (that don't match, i don't care what anyone says) and act like total asswipes.
Its actually kind of funny to those of us who don't live in the "most dangerous place to drive" in the world. Beware of moms in SUVs that don't know how to drive... they are all over the place in New Canaan. Oh, and make sure you don't hit some moron walking in the middle of the road. People in New Canaan are to good for crosswalks.
I live in New Canaan, therefore, i suck and my clothes don't match and always look wrinkled.
Torri가 작성 2006년 03월 05일 (일)
Darien is a little town in Fairfield County where everyone looks and acts alike. All the moms drive around in suburbans with those ridiculous Blue Wave stickers that everyone in Stamford and Norwalk laughs at.
Basically, I'd rather live in the middle of Harlem then in Darien where everyone is a exactly alike and can not think for themselves. Everyones to busy worrying about what everyone else has and is doing.
Darien is so fake it makes Pamela Anderson's boobs look real.
Torri가 작성 2006년 03월 05일 (일)
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