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One sure way of pointing out a woman you don't want to date. The tramp stamp's sole purpose is to provide a type of ID or banner for everyone to see that indeed this woman is trashy and not the kind to bring home to meet the family. It's a term used to describe the tattoo on the lower back of a woman....usually just above the butt crack.
"Man, I really liked that girl until I saw she had a tramp stamp! Everyone knows what kind of a woman puts something like that on her back."
Three B가 작성 2009년 01월 27일 (화)
A name given to the sound of passing gas when the sound is barely audible. The sound is commonly compared to blowing air out of your mouth "hence the name whisper." Usually the term "silent but deadly" is accurate in describing the stench of such gas releases.

"Dang Ashley! Why did you ass whisper so close to my face?!! My eye's are watering!!"

Three B가 작성 2009년 01월 27일 (화)
An individual who has been accused of masterbating while sitting on the toilet...as well as tucking his penis while looking in the mirror, just to see if he could.
You perverted bastard! You really are a Tee-Pee Tucker!!
Three B가 작성 2009년 01월 26일 (월)
A term used to describe an individual who is constantly concealing their body by large trench coats...even in the heat of summer. Naked bodies are very offensive to this person. This individual insists that sexual activity is gross and not to their liking...so to release sexual urges they enjoy riding a bicycle around the city. A person being deemed as a "coogan" has some kind of inner issues with the opposite sex as well....even if they deny it.
Man: "I bet you have the sexiest ass in this town but why do you have to be such a coogan about it?!!!"

Woman: "I just don't feel comfortable with showing my skin....I don't even like taking showers naked."
Three B가 작성 2009년 01월 29일 (목)
An extremely ugly and trashy piercing located between the nose and lips region. It's generally wanted by disparate women seeking some shred of beauty but sadly lacking in the that department. Just another attempt to gain attention from people. It's not impressive, attractive, or in any way beautiful. Just sad and pathetic.

Sad Girl: "I am so excited because I finally got a monroe!!! I am pretty now!!!"

Average Guy rolling his eyes: "Hahaha yeah...that will help!"
Three B가 작성 2009년 01월 28일 (수)
A term describing a male that acts as if he is better than everyone else. Usually a qualified individual for being branded as "Chet" is easily spotted. They like wearing preppy clothes including pink shirts and occasionally can be seen wearing a visor either turned sideways on their head or completely upside down.

Country Club Member: "I don't buy my clothes at the thrift store!...I recommend you get a new wardrobe if you want to play golf here!

Visitor: "Oh...OK...thanks there Chet!"
Three B가 작성 2009년 01월 28일 (수)
The simple rules that all women should follow in an ideal relationship. The B's all stand for descriptors that every woman should be.

1. Be Pretty

2. Be Naked

3. Be Quiet
Husband or Boyfriend: "Damn it woman! Know the Three B's!!"

Husband or Boyfriend: "when I come home, I don't want anything except for you to obey the Three B's!"
Three B가 작성 2009년 01월 27일 (화)
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