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1. A clever phrase used by guys to sound sincere when propositioning a girl for sex.

2. The politically correct way to say, “We fucked.”

3. The desired outcome of spitting game or puking game.
1. "Excuse me, Ladies. May I interest any of you in a romantic misunderstanding?"

2. Mark: "So, did you guys hook up?"
Rory: "We may have had a romantic misunderstanding..."
Thickburger421가 작성 2007년 05월 15일 (화)
1. When whispering (belligerently speaking) sweet nothings (obscene comments) into (at) a girl's ear (her face), in no way, shape, or form should the mention of "taco" be used in a form to relieve "sexual tension" in hopes that the girl has mutual feelings and when realizing that the there is not a positive response from the girl, questioning, on a Scale of One to Ten the odds of you're "hooking up" is, although humorous, not acceptable.

2. When Spitting Game crosses the fine line into Creepy Country.

3. When an over-confident guy, prompted by excessive alcohol consumption, attempts to incoherently “hit on” a girl with hopes of finding himself in a romantic misunderstanding
While the guy in this equation usually thinks his behavior is both welcome and appreciated, the girl is left appalled. Reversing the girl’s opinion of the guy who puked game on her is almost always impossible. In fact, there is only one recorded “opinion reversal” since game has first been puked. The incredible incident happened in the spring of 2007 and Dreamworks has purchased the movie rights to the unbelievable story.
"Man, did you see Mark last night? He was puking game all-over Gina."
Thickburger421가 작성 2007년 05월 15일 (화)
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