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A disease which causes many teen males to stay home from school in order to rank up on call of duty. The only symptoms of prestige disease are a long period of time spent playing the game, and rapid ranking up by a player on Xbox.
"Mike, do you know why Paul never showed up today?"
"I heard he stayed home because he has prestige disease, he has played two days of Call of Duty in the past week."
TheGreatJamal가 작성 2010년 04월 08일 (목)
A series of games with no purpose except to see the pain of others. The game is played by writing three painful things on a plate, and each player puts their plate in the pile. All the players take someone else's plate and has to do the three things on the plate. Each player is allowed one "pussy out" where they don't have to do the event. But by using this they automatically lose one of three possible points. These games have no purpose, but are funny to watch.

Past events

Ex. running into a garbage can, jumping off a fence, pegged with apple slices, and hit with an iced tea carton.
"My back still hurts from the Triple Pain Games last weekend"
"Well you are lucky that all the apple slices didn't hit your back."

"I can't believe you got Tank Wars at the Triple Pain Games"
"Yeah my knuckles still hurt"
TheGreatJamal가 작성 2010년 04월 08일 (목)
A cockmuncher is a term that refers to someone who uses teeth when giving head.
"Hey Johnny how was your head last night?"
"Not good, she was a cockmuncher, I still have teeth marks on my dick, she was like a fucking vampire."

"Dude my dick hurts so much."
"My cats a cockmuncher"
TheGreatJamal가 작성 2010년 04월 09일 (금)
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