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a slang term for marijuana. used by stoners when they can't use any other common names for marijuana (pot, weed, ganja, bud, etc.) because of the presence of authority figures or people who oppose marijuana.
(as teacher walks by)

harold: hey man, you wanna buy some pokemon cards after school?

kumar: hell yeah man!
The Fantastic Mr. Fox가 작성 2009년 06월 28일 (일)
(prounced "pohnd", sometimes making the "o" sound similar to that of an "i" or an "e")

a word used in place of "owned"

the word was used originally only by accident, when someone's finger slip while typing the word "owned" (as you may notice on your keyboard, the "p" is just to the right of the "o")

somewhere along the line, some people deicided to use it as a joke and the joke spread more and more.

then, some decided to take out the e, so instead of "pwned" we have "pwnd", but some still use it in it's original form with the "e". some also spell it "pwn'd" with an apostrophe in place of the "e".
ben: dude! did you see his face after he got punched by that retarded kid??
frank: yeah, he totally got pwnd.


ben: man, that asian cobra didn't stand a chance against that mongoose.
frank: yeah, that cobra got pwnd.
the fantastic mr. fox가 작성 2008년 05월 09일 (금)
To fail at something in such a manner that it is on an epic scale. An epic fail is typically so tragic or humiliating, it may actually be seen as funny to spectators of the event. Typically, the person or persons who took part in or caused the epic fail do not find such hilarity in their failed endeavor so easily. Pwnd is often an accurate word to describe such failure, but is not always a good word for the situation.
Tom: Man, did you see that kid who tried to climb that fence over there? He slipped and got a major wedgie!

Jerry: Dude! That is such an epic fail!


Harry: I can't believe I just embarrassed myself in front of all those people by tripping and falling off the stage during my lecture on fruitbats today...

Voldemort: Yeah, but that was one gnarly epic fail, dude!
The Fantastic Mr. Fox가 작성 2008년 08월 13일 (수)
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