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Pronounced "fee-ahn-gay"

When a man who is very effeminate and an OBVIOUS closet case homosexual is engaged to be married to a woman. At times he may not be gay but act JUST metrosexual enough that you could SWEAR you smell a hint of cum on his breath. If he was heterosexual, he would be her fiance, but since the probability is high that he likes dick too... he is better titled as her fiange.

The woman in this farce of a relationship may be aware of this, she may be oblivious to it, or she just may not be bothered by this because she is sleeping with her co-worker/friend's husband on the sly.
Setting: An office cube somewhere...

Female Co-Worker: Hey, did you hear that Bob & Stacey are engaged!?

Male Co-Worker: (laughs) Oh... you mean "en-GAY-ged"?

Female Co-Worker: Huh... I don't get it?

Male Co-Worker: What!? Are you blind, deaf, or should I just call you Helen Keller? Bob is as queer as a picnic basket in January! Lispy ass voice, and that swishy, prancy walk of his. I think he may even wear women's jeans.

Female Co-Worker: Well, how could Stacey and him have been together for so long if he's gay?

Male Co-Worker: Because, you moron, she is sleeping with everyone's husbands around here. Bob is her fiange... kind of like a fiance except were all pretty sure he likes dick as much as she does... I mean, come on, if she was getting her needs taken care of by Bob... why would she be sleeping with so-and-so's husband?

Female Co-Worker: Wow... maybe you're right!

Male Co-Worker: Duh!
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