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The failure on a friend's part to step in and prevent a terrible situation from happening. In most instances, the friend not only fails to prevent the situation from happening, but makes an observable effort not to help. This is an allusion to The Office Episode where Jim leans back and allows Michael Scott to fall into a koi pond.
Dude I can't believe you didn't do anything back there. Way to let me fall into the koi pond, "friend"
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The endless and utterly futile attempt by modest people all over the world to put an end to the annoying behavior of the smug people who like the smell of their own farts, close their eyes while talking, think they are so superior to others, use extremely pretentious rhetoric, and always brag about how great they are. This war will last all eternity and can never be won similar to the war on drugs, but unlike the war on drugs, it is a noble battle.
The war on smug has gotten so far out of hand in San Francisco and Hollywood that it is no longer worth fighting in these areas.
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The act, usually committed on facebook, of adding a friend of your friend, whom you have never previously met or come into contact with. Upon acceptance, the friend poacher usually makes over exuberantly friendly and all too awkward comments on his new "friend's" statuses.
dude 1: Hey, it says that we have (insert name) as a mutual friend, how do you know him????

dude 2: ... uhh...

dude 1: dude have you been friend poaching???? Stop poaching my friends bro.
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A person who has very little understanding of a sport, and thinks that he can make up this lack of understanding with a great knowledge of irrelevant, unnecessary statistics. Instead of actually watching "his team's" games, or ever attempting to play the sport, this person spends a great deal of time on the internet looking up ridiculous statistics. So while this person has the ability to recall a great deal of stats, he is still for the most part ignorant and not a real fan, just an internet fan. When real fans are actually discussing the sport, an internet fan usually butts in with some irrelevant statistics thinking he will sound smart, but really sounds like a jackass, and a straight up noob. Similar to a Sport Snob, but with less understanding of the game and even more of a tool.
Dude 1 : Chris Paul is looking like a stud this year

Dude 2: Yeah he runs that pick and roll so sweet. I see his shot has come a long way as well. He could very well be the best point guard in the league

Internet fan: No way. He is a career 35% three point shooter and his 2.6 turnovers per game stat is troubling.

Dude 1/2: Dude you're just a fuckin internet fan
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stands for Urban Word of the Day. Arrives to subscribers via email.
Ever since the UWD on 10/16/09, I have known the name of the very real phenomenon known as procrasturbation
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