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aka "Dunn-dock hun", a rotting cesspool on the Eastern side of Baltimore County, Maryland (known to those in Dundalk as "Merr-land"). Sandwiched between a sewage treatment center aka the shit plant and a disgusting town called Highlandtown, Dundalk houses some of the most vile Maryland residents. Women there often boast between 6-12 teeth, hair that is at least 3 shades and copious amounts of 5$ tattoos. They have 6 kids each, with approximately 2-3 fathers, of which 1 is known. The species known as the Dundalk male frequently wear shorts that end only 2 inches from their white Reebok classics, with an Ecko shirt that they spent their entire paycheck on. Even though they have their hair shaved to a 1 they use a half a bottle of Dep gel and brag about the silver chain they bought at the North Point Flea Market.

Popular Dundalk hang outs are the Zu and Howards Pub, which on any given night, entertain you with some of Dundalks finest getting into brawls over mistaken facial expressions or a Dundalk whore showing up to the bar with her new babydaddy to make 3 or 4 other babydaddies jealous.

Devoid of good dental and linguistics but full of leg-spreading sluts and exciting new STD's, Dundalk is a place you never want to experience.
Hunt Valley guy 1: Dude, why does your shirt smell like shit??
Hunt Valley guy 2: I got off on 695 East accidently and drove through Dundalk.
Hunt Valley guy 1: Dude, burn that shit. Now.
Dundalk bar slut: Oh my gawd, Tommy! Dat guy in da South Pole shirt just sed scuse me and shit and I dint move- FUCK HIM tryin to walk an shit- an he said it 'gen and kepp goin!
Dundalk loser guy: Man fuck dat! Fuck dat asshole, fuckin'wit my bitch an shit walkin and movin thru the Zu like he owns dat shit. I'll kill his ass. He best not step!
Dundalk bar slut: Yea, baby, fuck 'im up. And get me another Miller Lite can when yur dun. Fuck dat.
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