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the modern use of git r done was developed in the early 90's by hard working white males who reached a point in their life where they wanted to actually accomplish something in life... instead of getting completely hammered and rebuilding transmissions, the started doing projects that really mattered - projects like fixing the mailbox, cleaning the house, possibly even taking a few loads to the dump. This sudden surge of progress made these men feel good, like they were doing something. So, they had to have a way in their simple minds to reaffirm that feeling of getting something done. Thus, "GITRDONE!" was born. This can be said before a task is completed to motivate them, or after a task is completed to celebrate. It is also used profusely during the process of completing a task for no apparent reason which is very obnoxious and ambient. Often used with a drawn out "Woooooo!" yelling before or after. GITRDONE!
Buck: "Hey Stew, I just mowed the lawn and weeded the old ladies' flower bed!"

Stew: "GIT R DONE!!!!!!!!!!"

Buck: "Woooooooooooooooo!"
Scottopolis가 작성 2004년 08월 29일 (일)
With roots in the Japanese Edo period (1603-1867), and popularized by the daily fart battle web site, FartBattle(dot)com, a fart battle is a flatulence competition where 2 or more participants expel flatus and a winner is deemed based on several criteria such as length, vibration, volume, frequency, smell, or dampness.
Why are you guys farting into your smart phones?
Oh, we're having a fart battle, recording our farts to be put up on FartBattle(dot)com for judging. We must settle this score!
Scottopolis가 작성 2013년 11월 28일 (목)
This term is often used offensively towards someone who has wronged you and deserves punishment in the form of a fart to the face, thus parting the offenders hair.
"You bitch, I'm gonna part your hair for that!"
"She sat quietly in the indian style position while her husband carefully parted her hair."
Scottopolis가 작성 2006년 05월 17일 (수)
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