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Puppy fart syndrome is when a person is shocked or woken by their own fart.
I was enjoying a good meal with family and friends when I let out a small cough, but also let rip with a huge fart. This made me jump and quickly leave the room.

I was just drifting off to sleep when I let out a loud fart and woke up startled at the loud noise.

Puppy fart syndrome can happen to us all occasionally.
#puppy #fart #syndrome #shock #horror #loud #noise
Paul Daley가 작성 2008년 05월 10일 (토)
A tezbian is a transexual lesbian.

2 supposed lesbians up for some tezzy on tezzy action.
Once a man, former owner of a grand set of tezzies / tezzys (testicles) now a supposed female lesbian. Very attracted to other tezbians.
#tezzies #bollocks #testicles #tezzys #tezzy
Paul Daley가 작성 2008년 05월 08일 (목)
Having the wildies means to have a bad case of diarrhoea.
Having the wild shites.
Oh my god, last night was terrible. I woke up this morning with the wildies.
#wild #shites #diarrhoea #runs #poo
Paul Daley가 작성 2008년 05월 15일 (목)
Car park karaoke is another term for an outdoor blowjob
We were in the nightclub and I managed to pull this chick. We went outside and she sung down the purple headed microphone in a spot of car park karaoke.
The 2 terms 'car park karaoke' and purple headed microphone' are usually used in conjuction with each other.
#blowjob #bj #oral sex #car #park #karaoke
Paul Daley가 작성 2008년 05월 10일 (토)
A New York hiding is when you hit someone so hard, they feel it twice. It means to connect perfectly and send shockwaves through the affected area
I fought this guy today and gave him a proper New York hiding. It was so good, he felt it twice
#new #york #hiding #fight #punch #twice #hard
Paul Daley가 작성 2010년 05월 26일 (수)
The purple headed microphone is another name for the penis.
A girl will sing down the purple headed microphone when engaging in car park karaoke. This is an outdoor blowjob.
#blowjob #purple #headed #microphone #oral sex #penis
Paul Daley가 작성 2008년 05월 15일 (목)
Tezzys are another name for your testicles
Oh baby, just feel these majestic tezzys
#tezzy #tezzies #bollocks #balls #testicles #testicle
Paul Daley가 작성 2008년 05월 08일 (목)
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