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Originally a WWII era anti-tank weopon, now it's the title for a "white-pride" record label. Panzerfaust records have a program called Project schoolyard, in which they sell CD's at low prices en masse to hate groups. In turn, the hate groups hand them out at schools.
See white pride.
"Wow, those panzerfaust idiots suffer from faggotry of the highest order."
Patrick가 작성 2004년 11월 28일 (일)
A battle cry used to disorient the attackers, works very well.
brittish person: (running at him with sword)
Scottish person: "AAAAAUUUUUUGH" (jams sword through stomach)
Patrick가 작성 2004년 10월 16일 (토)
Same as Poor Mutha F-er
Sheee, look at dat pomofo!
Patrick가 작성 2003년 09월 28일 (일)
The licking of my penis.
I don't like you so, lick me off bitch!
Patrick가 작성 2004년 11월 27일 (토)
Short for binoculars.
hey lemme borrow your binocs for a sec!
Patrick가 작성 2005년 02월 03일 (목)
A noun describing a superb example of a boner and being able to use it like no other.
If I had the chance, I would lay down the platinum pickle on Pamela Anderson.
Patrick가 작성 2004년 03월 15일 (월)
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