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A townie is usually someone who has been brought up in a low income family. Their parents aren't very interested in what they do or what they get up to. In the day time they skip school abd roam the town causing trouble until the police enter and they run a mile. We must not be so harsh on them though...if we had lives as crappy as they have clearly had, we may have turned out to be as brainless and ugly as them as well. A townie generally has no future and no direction in life. If they do manage to live past 25 they are either a dustman or a builder and regret it in later life. They wear clothes ranging from adidas to adidas. They have burberry caps pointed up to the sky and slicked gelled hair at the front which makes them look like total oafs. They either wear 3/4 length trousers or roll a pair of tracksuit bottoms up and if they are old enough they shave their ankles...don't ask me why its completely fucking stupid.
Townie on mobile phone> wot.....na..wot.....nah.....wot....nah..wot............nah...............wot?
Papasloonatsta가 작성 2003년 11월 29일 (토)
a female fox
person 1> "wow, look at that sexy vixen"
person 2> "where"
person 1> "over there eating that rabbit"
papasloonatsta가 작성 2003년 12월 02일 (화)
someone who wears tight clothing and rams around like Oleg Luzhny
look at that guy, he is a luzhny style manouvere
papasloonatsta가 작성 2003년 12월 02일 (화)
After a hot night of sex, you wake up in the morning and find that after all that alcohol last night, you need to empty your full tank. You go to the toilet and aim up only to find that your urine is shooting off in multiple directions and is impossible to keep in the basin.
IRENE! Why am I peeing like I've been up all night having sex?
papasloonatsta가 작성 2005년 06월 29일 (수)
Lisa 'left eye' Lopez tragically died in a car accident in april 2002. However, when she was buried, people thought it would be fitting to add an underscore in the middle of her name because she lay under the earth.
that poor Left_Eye is worms meat
papasloonatsta가 작성 2004년 11월 23일 (화)
guy in mid 30s - late 40s with long hair and receding hair line. Lives in the 70's and with his mother.
Mummy> have you cleaned your room yet dear?
baldy> yes mummy!
papasloonatsta가 작성 2003년 12월 02일 (화)
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