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A soul mate is someone you meet and the instant your eyes meet you feel these incredible feelings that you never knew existed.  They are so hard to explain but you feel them and you know they are unique and they feel the same way.  There is so many things that you feel but can't describe because you have never felt like this before and if you think if you ever tried to explain these feelings to a friend you know they wouldn't understand.  You can look into your soul mates  eyes and see into their soul.  You can say I love you without even speaking a word.  When you hold their hand it is like your hands are one and you don't know where one hand starts and the other begins.  A soul mate is someone who lights up your insides and gives you more than just a butterfly feeling by just hearing their voice, by reading a note, by just seeing them across the room.  And when you don't get to talk or see them, your body feels like there is such a void that you don't know what you would ever do without them.  You say the same things at the same time.  You laugh and cry at the same things.  They are the love of your life and your best friend.  You know you can say whatever is on your mind to them and they will listen.   Your soul mate completes you and you love them with every breathe you take.  There is so much more but it is so hard to put into words because how your soul mate makes you feel is magical and unique.
Love is hope and I can't wait to be with my soulmate.
PBBloml가 작성 2012년 05월 01일 (화)
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