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A male sexual organ. In 1990, Dr Himelstoss Von Schlong had an experiment in the Vienna laboratory with an autopsy specimen. As he inspected the lower abdomen, he viewed the genitals, which to his utter surprise, were 24" U.S. cm in good length. The doctor, proceeded to remove the gargantuan penis by means of chainsaw, when he cut off his own erect penis which for some reason was out at the time. He shreiked in pain, "Sch-" (meaning to say Schiesse, the German word for excrement, US equivelent is 'shit'.) but an aid walked in and asked him "Herr Doctor, how long are you going to take wis ze autopsy?" As the doctor died slowly, he muttered "-long!". At his funeral, it was given to him the honors of naming the word "Schlong" as a reference to a long, throbbing, red-tipped, veiny penis, for the reasons of one, being his family's surname, and two, the last words he muttered. His first words as a child were "Schlong" as well. He died September 19, 1990 at age 43.
Hey ladies, I'm Mark... dont mind my schlong hangin' out... just gettin it some fresh air.
Oh my, what a long schlong, I wonder how that will fit in my mouth, not to mention my vagina!

"A dong-a-dong,dong. I got a LONG SCHLONG."
Oberl가 작성 2005년 10월 27일 (목)
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