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Upon realization that an angry dragon has been performed, the "dragon" beguiles her inner fire and lets the guy have sex with her at a later time. When he is close to climax, she strokes his shaft as if trying to tease him and slow things down - to make his anticipation grow. When he is dying to get back inside, she releases her rage and grabs his penis tightly in both hands (if possible - if not one will probably do) and swiftly breaks his penis in half like you would a twig. A loud popping sound will ensue, following immediate flaccidity and confusion. Act fast and palm thrust his nose. He will look quite like an impotent angry dragon. Leave quickly.
Last week Edward gave Shelly an angry dragon. Last night, we knew the angry dragon had exacted her revenge because we saw Shelly giggling and running away from his apartment as the EMT's were arriving at his door. Edward, with his penis in a splint, appeared to be breathing fire. The Angry Dragon's Revenge was successful.
Nutcracka가 작성 2010년 01월 03일 (일)
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