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Male fraternity brother attending school at most any university throughout the United States. Characterized by an eagerness to consume alcohol, celebrate friendship and empathy towards the concept of doing something potentially horrific and/or humiliating in order to doncievably gain heightened repute and accelerated social status. Known to consumate such ideals by the incessant repeating of the brands "dude", and "bro".
"Dude, bro, she's upstairs man...she's out like a liht and...she's gonna wanna see us."

"Dude, bro, what is this, Nutra-Sweet? I'm trying to get high, not sweetern my corn flakes!"

"Dude, bro, I don't talk about rush week."

"No, no, he reads too much to be a full on dudebro."
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Nick Beam가 작성 2005년 12월 27일 (화)
Adjective; can also be used as a pronoun normally used to describe a prospering D-boy ie drug-dealer. The term comes from the mentality of the prospering D-boy that since he has an unlimited, constantly replenished profit income from his sales, that he should not have to wear the same outfit/clothing more than once, and all clothing worn more than once should be immediatly discarded. The smell and feel of crisp new clothes straight from the retailer symbolize the dealer's economic status, comfort level, as well as his eye for current trends and sense of materialistic conviction.
"I'm dope boy fresh, believe that bitch."

"Manne he poppin' tags every day, that boy wylin' out. He all dope boy fresh and ballin'."

"Clothes brand new from my t-shirt to my shoe, pop a tag e'ry day that's what ghetto niggas do."
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Nick Beam가 작성 2005년 12월 29일 (목)
Toy made for people who surf or snowboard but don't like the stiff restriction of four-wheeled boards on land. Basically a skateboard with two off-set revolving wheels and two platforms with a notch in the middle rather than one long board. Skateboarders usually have trouble even standing up on one despite the fact that they constantly label them as gay. This makes said skateboarders frustrated because someone thought to evolve a sport they spent most of their lives perfecting. Despite skaters claims that it is easy, it is possible to land an ollie, kickflip, manual and nose manual, pop shove its, revert and much more on a rip stick and it is also much more difficult. Skaters usually try to take over the park from ripstikers but then become frustrated when they are easily out-maneuvered.
Ripstiks are also easier to hit people with than skateboards and do as much if not more damage.
"A skater called me a fag on my Rip Stick , then he tried to get on it and broke his wrist, then I skated off on his skateboard carrying the ripstik and he realized he was a tool"
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Nick Beam가 작성 2008년 04월 23일 (수)
Someone who habitually uses Xanax, a antipsychotic perscription drug which interferes with receptors in the brain.
Non-generic Xanax pills are characterized by a linking of four breakable squares in linked a horizantal line, taking on a "bar" like appearance. With key nuertotransmitters blocked off, the behavior of a bartard in question can often be recognized by massive confusion bordering on belligerence. Subject may not be capable of comprehending certain simple concepts, hence the implementation of "tard" as a suffix.
Courteny Love; a large percentage of high school students in Texas and California.

Mike got all quadded out and drove his Prelude off-road on the park running trails to see how far he was jogging a day on his odometer, he's really becoming something of a bartard.
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Nick Beam가 작성 2005년 12월 26일 (월)
A nasty, malicious and/or subtly unnerving text sent from someone (usually a current or ex-girlfriend) designed to get inside the recipient's head and ruin their day/night.

A good example would be 'Your roomate says Hi' from a recently broke up with ex girlfriend right as the former boyfriend is entering his favorite bar for the evening.
"yeah dude let's fuckin' party!"
*phone beeps, looks at phone, goes sheet white, swallows hard and puts the phone back in pocket*
"oh man looks like the ex-gf just hit him with the hex message, he's worthless for the night"
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Nick Beam가 작성 2008년 05월 09일 (금)
1) Noun; An individual who is of the Jewish faith. Known to be great thinkers, athletes, singers, actors, producers (many all at the same time).

2) To swindle or cheat someone out of something, or to short someone in some capacity.
Larry David is the greatest Jew of all

Why did you have to jew me on the mayo?

#semetic #larry david #wheadle #cajole #swindle
Nick Beam가 작성 2006년 01월 01일 (일)
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