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A very hypocritical task usually given at the end of each class.

First discovered to be hypocritical by Scholars in the early 18th century, homework was quickly added to John. C. Clivens list of the hypocritical. It was first discovered to be hypocritical when a small boy came home with a stack of books and was unable to finish building the wooden horse he was ordered to make for his sister. The next day he was sent to school with a hammer, a saw, sand paper, paint, and a few nails to finish the wooden horse. Everything was immediately confiscated by his teacher, never to be seen again. His sister never received the horse, and his family disowned him. It was all because he allowed to bring schoolwork home, but he was not allowed to bring work from home to school.

However, this story is widely denied by every school system across the globe. The school system has been trying to shake off the stories of how hypocritical homework is for ages, but every time they think it's finally gone and forgotten, the story emerges with new and strong evidence. As the years go by it is getting even harder to deny the truth, that homework is, in fact,hypocritical.
Johnny, what are you doing?
I'm doing Homework mom.
Oh okay, you keep on it.

JOHNNY! what are you doing?
I'm making a wooden horse for my sister Mrs. Pooplax.
You give that to me right now young man, you know your not allowed to bring that to school!
But I didn't have time to play it last night, the 20 pages of math homework you gave me took all night.
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