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We went to a PDAP meeting to learn and improve our vampirism.
Mr.Zogrebginald가 작성 2013년 08월 19일 (월)
The HBO was hidden under the Sphinx's paw.
Mr.Zogrebginald가 작성 2013년 08월 19일 (월)
one who talks shit about anothers dick
That fuck saw my cock on the internet and said shit about it, what a fucking rod knocker.
Mr.Zogrebginald가 작성 2013년 08월 22일 (목)
one who believes that finding a surrogate mother is primative and that people should swing and have tons of related children
Our neighborhood guarded by our genius children would not be here if it weren't for our father the surrocrat.
Mr.Zogrebginald가 작성 2013년 08월 20일 (화)
When one wears a hat so you won't wear a hat like someone that you know or are related to.
He is going to imitate his father, time to hat block.
Mr.Zogrebginald가 작성 2013년 08월 20일 (화)
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