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Honor in liquid form. To the dishonorable, it appears as nothing more than a pink hand/dish soap. But to those that have fallen under the tutelage of The Grand Dragon, they are able to see it for what it truly is. When put in a fountain, a most honorable mound of suds will appear. This will wash the honor out of the fountain and allow the user of Spurrier (gift of The Grand Dragon) to claim this honor. Those that possess Spurrier are not to be taken lightly.
Uh, I went in the shed at Pizza Hut and found massive amounts of Spurrier! The Grand Dragon has smiled upon me! Now I will gain much honor tonight when I soap the Magic Mushroom Mountain!
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Mr. Honor가 작성 2009년 02월 12일 (목)
A large dragon who is the purveyor of all that is honorable and powerful. He rewards those who follow his will with Honor Dollars and punishes those that anger him by removing their penis (very kindly). He stands in opposition to Joe and his dishonorable ways of mediocrity. To please him is to commit acts that involve the Triangle Of Honor: Face, Grace and Discipline. He is all powerful and all are nothing compared to him.
Uh, I went to Arright Parking and The Grand Dragon come to me, he say to steal their Warste Barsket!
#honor #alright parking #warste barsket #joe #power #spurrier
Mr. Honor가 작성 2009년 02월 09일 (월)
A large recepticle that can contain a persons Honor Dollors (in a metaphorical sense) and is located inside said person. When overfilled with Honor Dollors, it's location will become apparent, allowing the person to find it and repeat whatever wisdom is imparted upon the person in the process. It also refers to a large physical object that can sometimes be used to hold trash. Those that are foolish enough to leave theirs lying around for anyone to find it may end up having it stolen. If this happens, the person cannot have Honor in any capacity again until their Warste Barsket is found. The foolish use them to block entrances to parking lots.
Uh, I went to Arright Parking and saw the Warste Barsket! Grand Dragon come to me, He say to stear it, so I did. I gain Honor!
#honor #grand dragon #power #alright parking #spurrier #fountain
Mr. Honor가 작성 2009년 02월 12일 (목)
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