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comedic drama targeted for young groups but enjoyed by all ages. took off from an old comic book in the 60s. might seem stupid to begin with, but very adicting.
robin- martial arts champion, obsessed with winning and protecting poeple, once worked for batman, very seriouse but can have fun.
beast boy- funny guy, green dude, kind of a screw up, likes to have fun, can change into any animal, bug, or germ. can be seriouse if needed.
starfire- alein not quite used to earth customs let alone slang or history. very smart in science and the universe. strong, can trow star bolts that explode on empact, can fly. loves learning new things and being with her friends.
cyborg- bio-mechanical human aquipt with a variety of weapons and tools. very sporty, very strong, very good fighter, doesnt like to lose or to be made a fool of, likes music, vedio games, and his car.
raven- dark, but has a light side. cant go crazy with emotions especially anger, or she will lose control and just kill everyone. really doesnt like to be considered creepy. enjoys reading, meditating, being with friends. bad bad bad past with evil deamon rapist father.

all in all, a good series, tho might seem lame to some, acually has good story lines, arcs, humor, and drama.
raven- "evil beware, we have waffels."
MK가 작성 2005년 04월 01일 (금)
Generic, well-dressed, slightly meathead-ish dude who only cares or knows about bars, chicks, and looking good. Gel, vertical striped shirts, designer jeans, and sleek black shoes are a must. In middle school, chotches wore "No Fear" and "Coed Naked" T-shirts; in high school, white baseball caps and all Abercrombie; in college, visors, wife beaters, and cargo shorts.

Chotches are 'huge' football fans, but end up checking their cell phones more than paying attention to games on TV.
And a true chotch almost certainly received "Scarface" on DVD this last Christmas.
I saw at least seventeen chotches last night at Lucky Bar.

Drop the vertical striped shirt right now, dude, or I'm going to start mistaking you for that chotch on the Real World.
MK가 작성 2004년 01월 12일 (월)
1.Often refered to as "traditional Sex" (or straight/anal sex in the adult industry) whereby the man shoots his seed inside of the pussy. The actual creampie or "proof" is the point when the man pulls out and the semen can be seen leeking out.
2. A less popular form of adult entertainment that relies more on the pill than on the rubber any mans fantasy
3. a shot inside of the Anus is still refered to as a creampie but should more commonly be called an Anal creampie. (whereby which a man jacks his load into the shithole of one desperate bitch
In my opinion the best kind of porn out there if i had to say anything and i aint no porn freak but it aint messy it doesnt gross you out (from looking at a guys fucking dick for 50% of the movie and girls excuse me im talking to the straight guys here) and it doesnt have all that wierd ass bull that comes out now adays (like foot sex arm sex farm sex you name it its been done)
MK가 작성 2005년 03월 21일 (월)
sharp intellect, genius, sagacity - Hindu

also, desire/wish
I wish I were like Manisha
mk가 작성 2005년 02월 06일 (일)
Found in the most prominent of the southern locales. It is used in place of such worn expressions as 'about to", 'going to', 'preparing for', etc.
I'm fixin' to fix ya'll some sandwitches.
MK가 작성 2004년 03월 15일 (월)
kisses; love; a fun word i like to say
I g2g c ya tomarow smoochies
MK가 작성 2003년 07월 08일 (화)
1.A wierdo or correctly spelled weirdo is a person who is strange or has strange behavior.
2.A person who acts or is abnormal to what is considered "normal" Synonyms would be strange, freak
"johnny is such a wierdo because he collects barbies!"(johnny is a wierdo because most people consider it strange that a guy would play or collect things ment for girls.
{CC: being considered a wierdo is not nor ever is bad.}
MK가 작성 2005년 03월 20일 (일)
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