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Anti Social Behaviour Order - Used against unruly youths who cannot conform to normal society's rules and regulations. See ASBO's.

However, an ASBO can also be a classification of a person. Some of the worst Townies and Scallys are good examples of an ASBOs. They are the creme de la creme of delinquency, intent on causing anger, pain and destruction mainly due to their unnaturally small brain which is set on one thing: reproducing.

They are low-life scum, and are usually the result of bad parenting. A firm beating or installing the fear of God in them as a child can usually prevent the ASBO trait from developing.

Male ASBO – Typically aged 12-18: Looks for a “fit beyhatch, mon init” (female) to “prong” (reproduce with). Older ASBOs can be found waiting in the dole line.

Female ASBO – Typically aged 13-18: Main requirement is to become pregnant. Can usually be found reproducing in a bus shelter. Will name their child after a character on Eastenders.
E.g. 1:
Person A: "I hear a car alarm going off."
Person B: "There must be an ASBO near by."

E.g. 2:
Person A: "Please don't beat me senseless..."
ASBO 1: "Yah mon, u iz da nerd, mi beyhatch iz pumpin, init"
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