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Growing up in east haven in the 1980's, I can only give a defintion of what it was like in that era: East Haven was a great town to grow up in, not much to do, but what town has more than parks, a bowling alley, a beach, and your local burger king, but east haven had some of the hottest girls around, every town has their local whores, and east haven was no different, With 95% of the population italian, you would be welcome at any one of your friends house on a sunday afternoon for a meal you would be sure to remember, Education was not a top priority in East Haven, that is why our rumble record is so good, no matter what part of east haven you are referring to...momauguin or main street or foxon, we were unstopable against surrounding cities, branford, new haven, west haven, wherever, it didn't matter because east haven had some of the toughest kids around, if we weren't hanging around and getting in trouble we were working out and messing around with our dirt bikes. To sum it up; East Haven is known for Italian families who respect one another, Excellent pizza and subs, Friends that you make in East Haven, you will have for a life time, and lastly...Beautiful women.
East Haven in the 1980's.
Marty Asp가 작성 2007년 12월 01일 (토)
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