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1) Refers to when women withhold their clitoris and other cunt components as sexual collateral when negotiating with a male to successfully achieve her desired outcome. The denying a man to playfully pound her pussy parts slowly wears them down to the point where they give into the most unbelievable terms.

This tactic is employed mostly by either:
- Tricky bitches, who like to play games with men, however, they themselves can't abstain for great lengths of time due to the fact that they are raging sluts (averaging 4-5 hours before giving in). However their success rate still remains high because they frequently date losers even more sad than themselves
- Prudes, because they lack the capacity to process the wonders found from sexual activity. About all don't intentionally use coliteral, but they have a figurative chastity belt where most enjoy a sex drive. This mostly just leaves them sad, unfortunate looking women who miss out on physical euphoria.

2) It is also frequently employed to ensure the safe & successful return of something, a woman holds valuable, that she has entrusted to a man (Stupid shit..such as: her dry cleaning, the children, heavy household bullshit she bought with his money and then bestows the guy with the task of moving it.
1) "Big Papa and Kim have been arguing the entire week because she wants more random shit and he wouldn't buy it. She held a little coliteral over him and the next day she had two new wigs."

2) "Until you get back here with all 6 types of my prescription meds, this box is in storage. I'm serious, I've gone 3 whole hours without medicating!!"
Mallred가 작성 2011년 02월 22일 (화)
1) Getting retardedly drunk from the consumption of martinis.

2) Arriving late to a martini party.
1) On New Years, Matt got really martardi at the bar.

2) The party starts at 9pm, don't be martardi!
Mallred가 작성 2011년 02월 11일 (금)
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