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1. Norwalk- . A small town - bigger than most people think - located on the panhandle of Connecticut in its wealthiest region, Fairfield County. Unlike the various other affluent towns, Norwalk is loaded with gang violence as a result of extremely defined cliques. A long-time rival exists between its two high schools, Brien McMahon and Norwalk High because of the city's small size. . Most Norwalk kids have been raised there all their lives and have a cockiness about them. Despite its diversity, Norwalk's shopping and civilization is limited. With only a movie theater, South Norwalk or "SoNo" has become the center for all activity - good and especially bad. Mostly everyone in Norwalk knows their fellow Norwalkers. It has commonly been referred to as "the Wack" or "Norwack." Norwalk has become linked with other cities like Stamford and Bridgeport. Norwalk is broken up into several parts: South Norwalk, East Norwalk, West Norwalk, North Norwalk, and just Norwalk. While many complain that there is nothing to do, they never do anything about it; so everyone has adapted to their daily routine. smoking weed, drinking, and doing stupid shit. No one here is a true native, since everyone comes from other towns or states and settles here.
where you at? im in norwalk ct right now bout to hop on I-95 and be in new york in 15 minutes
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