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the theorized outcome of Murphy's law that anything can happen will happen (as long as one of the variables is living.) joining 500 monkeys in a room of 500 typewriters for an indeterminate time will subsequently result in the word parkakafrakawak being typed upon at least one said typewriter.
Carrot Top: If you put 500 monkeys in a room full of typewriters, eventually one of them will spell the word, "parkakafrakawak!"
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krispykreemd가 작성 2008년 05월 13일 (화)
the modified version of the exclaimation 'excellent.' Derived from the habitiually said catch word 'ex..cell...ent; so commonly said among those having a devious or sinical speech pattern (mad, insane, mini, evil scientists or surgeons.) Saying Egg Salad just sounds dumb, but once you start saying it you really can't stop sounding really dumb. So Eggsallent is the resulting accepatable word that can be salvaged out of that compultionary "egg....." with the latter, 'sallent' being just better sounding than salad, and still recognized as maybe being the original Excellent.
Robby had grown sick of hearing his son, Bobby, repeat after his favorite cartoon-evil-mini-mad scientist's "Excellent..." response to everything. So Robby asked his son to change it to something a little funnier. So Bobby would say, "egg sallad..." in the same cartoon-evil-mini-mad scientist voice. Then soon, Bobby found out that he sounded really dumb and wanted to say excellent again; but the phrase egg-salad had dug itself entirely too deep for Bobby to not blurt out "Egg", no matter the surcumstance. Hence, Bobby's reaction time to his own mistake always leaves the eggs and transforms the salad, to Sallent.
KrispyKreemD가 작성 2005년 03월 15일 (화)
name given to the:

a. act of; (i.e. swallowing)
b. vehicle; (i.e. capsule, toilet paper)

in which a meth user takes the drug orally.

Steve-o: Uh... PatRock; Have you seen my sack?

PatRock: Yeah. You dropped it earlier when you were spinning around and around.

Steve-o: Where is... hey, Patrock?

PatRock: Yeah?

Steve-o: You okay dude, you look like your sweatin' balls.

PatRock: Well I should be! I took a half-g belly bomb an hour ago!

Steve-o: Damn, I bet your on a good one! So... where's that sack?

PatRock: Haven't seen it. C-ya!

Steve-o: Huh?

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KrispyKreemD가 작성 2008년 01월 28일 (월)
a common English interjection used among younger adults in Orange County located in Southern California. "...fucking" is said as the first word of many or all conversations as is it part of the local dialect.
dude#1: "Fuckin, so you have no idea where your gotdam muthafuckin keys went?"
dude#2: "I think they were over here but fucking... shit... lets just fuckin walk for fucking change.
#intergection #orange county #butt fucking #but #fucking #butt #fuckin
KrispyKreemD가 작성 2008년 10월 14일 (화)
the most common way to ask someone their location that only makes you sound dumb. the "at" is not needed and only prolongs a response cause the person being asked is rolling their eyes and sighing.
Jules: Ah yes; I expected your arrival 20 hours ago.
Verne: Yeah yeah yeah... I got caught up but we are close by.
Jules: Where are you at?
Verne: You mean, "Where are you?" Sheesh! Where are you at?
You say it like that all the time. It's, "where are
you?!" Get it right and call me back.
#where are you #donde esta #what's your 20 #location please #where you at
KrispyKreemD가 작성 2008년 05월 15일 (목)
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