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How people from New York say "Coffee"

Also works with:

Chawklate - Chocolate
Doawg - Dog
Dawling - Darling
Doawlas - Dollars
Sawsage - Sausage
Jewsey - Jersey
Baws - Boss

There definitely are more, you just have to experiment with different words to see if it works.
Frank - "Hey, you see that guy?!"

Mitch - "Yeah he was totally like, 'Eh, Baws, can I get another Sawsage bagel with Chawklate milk? My Dawg accidentally drank some Cawfee and now its gonna cost me 300 Doawlas to get it fixed."
Koolguy_gt500가 작성 2010년 03월 22일 (월)
Fart. Can also be spelled Pudh, Pud, Paad, Pad.
Frank - "Dude, I gotta Padh!! Clear the room!!"

Koolguy_gt500가 작성 2010년 04월 18일 (일)
When an individual gets taught a lesson in a harsh, demeaning, manner.

May also be used to describe the loser of a given competition or game.
Frank - "Hey dude, I totally schooled that nerd from woodshop class!"

Mitch - "Oh snap! That makes you the schooler and him the schoolee!"

Frank - "You said it, bro."

*Slaps five*
Koolguy_GT500가 작성 2010년 03월 16일 (화)

Pronounciation- "Grab Yo're Go Fur"

To masturbate. You know, beat your meat, choke your chicken.
Frank: "Hey dude, did you grab your gopher last night?

Mitch: "Na dude. My grandma was over."
Koolguy_GT500가 작성 2010년 03월 16일 (화)
Adding "R"s into a word where they don't belong. Usually works after a soft "A" sound (Aunt, Lots.) but the "A" sound has to be before a consonant. (See example below.)
Mitch - "Hey guys, my Aurnt torld me to gor to the marll!!"

Frank - "What the hell was that?"

Mitch - "Oh, it was R Speak"
Koolguy_GT500가 작성 2010년 02월 24일 (수)
A really great hard rock band that not many people know about.

They have 12 vocalists, 2 guitarists and a bassist.

They are fucking awesome.
Frank - "Hey dude, have you heard of Bang Camaro?"

Mitch - "Hell yeah, bro! They're the best!"
Koolguy_gt500가 작성 2010년 04월 08일 (목)
A woman's breasts. You know, your girlfriends Gozongas. Your mom's Meat Rack. Your daughters Tetangas. Get the idea?

The word comes from the noise that a bicycle horn makes when you squeeze it.

See Peh Peh Milk
Frank - "WHOA! Check out those Peh Peh's!"

Mitch - "Wow, those are quite the pair" *Goes up to women, squeezes her breasts while making "Peh Peh" horn sound*

Frank - "Nice man!"

*Slaps Five*
Koolguy_gt500가 작성 2010년 06월 21일 (월)

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