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Joint Task Force 2 is a Canadian Special Operations unit responsible for federal counter-terrorism. It was formed in 1993 when the Canadian Forces took control of federal counter-terrorism. JTF2's mission is to resolve potential incidents that could effect Canada's national security.

Even though the unit's primary function is counter-terrorism its role has expanded to fullfill more conventional jobs likened to the British SAS and United States Delta Force.

The Canadian Government has been very secretive about the unit's capabilities, organization, and past operations. The government has confirmed action in Afghanistan as part of Task Force KABAR, in which they recieved a Presidential Unit Citation by the United States Government for there work against insurgents.

JTF2's chief role in Aghanistan was targeting and neutralizing the Taliban leadership. They have also had unconfirmed action in Nepal, Zaire, the Kosovo War, Rwanda, Tanzania, Peru, Congo, Sudan, and Bolivia. JTF2 was the only unit accepted to serve with American tier 1 special forces such as SFOD-Delta to hunt down high value Al Qaeda and Taliban personnel.
Gunmen linked to Al Qaeda hold a Canadian hotel hostage- Joint Task Force 2 is sent in.

A high value Taliban target is believed to be operating in the mountains outside of Kandahar, Afghanistan- Joint Task Force 2 is sent in.
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