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Hipster society of hatred and self- admiration. Totally ironic. They hate facebook even though every single one of them has one. Like to post pictures of cats, themselves, and obscure bands. Youre not supposed to speak of tumblr, but its a public diary. Its as ironic as the fake handlebar mustaches they sport.
Tumblr is a hipsters bitch.
#tumblr #pictures #obscure #handlebar mustaches #diary
Juicalicious가 작성 2011년 01월 21일 (금)
The most annoying word ever. You'll say something that relates to your previous topic, yet they say it's random because they can't comprehen it.
"Cake is good. I just got one from the bakery, and it was chocolate."

"That was random, LMFAO."

"No, you asshole, we're still talking about cake."
#stupid #out of line #immature #air-head #cake
Juicalicious가 작성 2010년 04월 25일 (일)
Living corpse in suspenders. Something that should of died a long time ago, but keeps on living by sucking out the souls of his two young boys. He used to be best friends with Jesus.
"Larry King owns a talk show, and wears classy suspenders to keep from exposing his bony ass."
#corpse #suspenders #souls #jesus #talk show #bony ass
Juicalicious가 작성 2010년 04월 25일 (일)
Generational "misfits". In the late 2000's emos decided that that being emo wasn't cool or hardcore enough for them, so they decided to turn hipster. Hipsters claim to be environmentally friendly even though their trendy clothes are made in east asian sweatshops by children. They love metalcore, and shitty indie rock bands. Standard attire includes oxfords or converse, huge scarves, horn-rimmed glasses, dirty emo hair, gauges, skinny jeans, "granny" sweaters, and ironic t-shirts that no one fucking understands. They might seem chill, but theyre really pretentious assholes trying to seem poor and original. Never call a hipster a hipster. You'll be socially shunned. Also it is unwise to remind a hipster of their emo hayday. They will deny it. Or deem you uncool and '"totally mainstream".
The emo kids at my highschool that refused to be labeled. Especially as a hipster.

And the rest of America.
#hipster #metalcore #emo #gauges #horn- rimmed glasses
Juicalicious가 작성 2011년 01월 21일 (금)
Very nice man from Kazakhstan with big hram. He like a Pamela Andersons very much, and is ex-husband of Oksana. She die, and now he married to black prostitute, Luenell. He like.
"My name ez Borat!"
#kazakhstan #azamat #news reporter #fob #funny shit
Juicalicious가 작성 2010년 04월 25일 (일)
Host of Jeopardy with the stare of a thousand bipolar men. Attempts to pronounce foreign words, but sucks major ass.
"In Rio de Janeiro..."

"Alex Trebek, i couldn't even understand you. Go fuck yourself."
#jeopardy #bipolar #rio de janeiro #annoying #nuisance
Juicalicious가 작성 2010년 04월 26일 (월)
A warlock/rock star from Mars. Usually extremely tired of pretending he's not special.Great at making money off of his own nervous breakdown. Highly superior to the rest of the human race. His only flaw is that in case of a transfusion, he needs to transfuse his own blood with that of a tigers.
What's the difference between Charlie Sheen and an ordinary human? Charlie Sheen isn't a troll.
#wizard #troll #warlock #god #adonis
juicalicious가 작성 2011년 03월 22일 (화)
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