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Very good; great.
That movie sure was boffo.
Jerry D가 작성 2003년 05월 05일 (월)
One who is an annoying moron.
Guy 1: "Oh, dak!"
Guy 2: "You, sir, are a fuckward."
Jerry D가 작성 2003년 05월 09일 (금)
Like or resembling a raccoon
If you knew what procyonine meant before you saw this page, you are smart.
Jerry D가 작성 2003년 05월 09일 (금)
A place that does not exist, used when telling of the impossibility of a certain event.
"The Tampa Bay Devil Rays will win the World Series this year."
"Maybe in the Land of No!"
Jerry D가 작성 2003년 05월 05일 (월)
A fox, usually having more than one tail. See Tails.
Miles "Tails" Prower is a famous kitsune.
Jerry D가 작성 2003년 04월 28일 (월)
A corruption of victory, meaning a win.
The winning boxer claimed victoly.
Jerry D가 작성 2003년 05월 10일 (토)
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