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Mockingly derived term referring to an assortment of punk rock bands, most notably from but not limited to such subgenres as folk-punk, melodic hardcore and pop-punk, acclaimed by message board members frequenting the website punknews.org

Some of the more commonly lauded bands include Hot Water Music, Against Me!, Lifetime, Bouncing Souls, the Lawrence Arms, Strike Anywhere, the Draft, Dillinger Four, This Bike is a Pipe Bomb, Paint It Black, None More Black, and the Gaslight Anthem. Orgcore bands are known from such areas as Richmond, Va, New Jersey, Chicago, and Gainseville, Fl. Prominent record labels such as No Idea, Fat Wreck Chords, and Plan It X have a strong following amongst the punknews community.

The stereotypical look of the “orgcore” punker, as depicted in Rob Dobi's satirical website yourscenesucks.com, is an arm tatooed, flannel shirt wearing, bearded, pabst blue ribbon drinking, 20 to 30-something year old.

The Fest, an annual punk rock music festival held in Gainseville Florida, is renowned amongst members of the punknews.org community.
Dude, did you see the lineup for the Fest this year? 10/10!!!! I just got a hard on. It's got orgcore pioneers Jawbreaker, Against Me!, the Lawrence Arms, that sweet new folk rock band from Richmond with the dude with the gruff voice, and that other sweet new Bruce Springsteen inspired post-hardcore band from New Jersey!
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