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Rule 17
always make sure they're dead
"ah that mother fucker shot me, already put a fucking clip in that asshole"
"Rule 17....fool shoulda made sure that bihotch was dead "
Jdawgthecool가 작성 2009년 04월 23일 (목)
A standard with which to compare. this scale works with anyone and can never trully be beaten
"Man that girls fit"
"pfft i guess, but shes no heredge-thomas"
Jdawgthecool가 작성 2009년 07월 18일 (토)
Based on the british tv show skins and all there wild parties
a skins noob is someone who in the middle of a party will say
"OMG its like skins "
to which everyone will look at that person and will then be beaten down.
aka michael fowler
"shit,man this parties sick "
"yh man its like a skins party"
"i cant actually beleive u just sed that u fucking skins noob"
Jdawgthecool가 작성 2009년 03월 24일 (화)
completely greasy messy chicken that u mostly get from morleys. u kno its unhealthy u kno itll giv u heart problems .u kno its shit
but ull be fucked if u stop eating it .
"shit man, got the fucking munchies"
"go morleys get some shit chicken,itll be peng"
Jdawgthecool가 작성 2009년 01월 08일 (목)
To go Cold pussy is the state like cold turkey when a young man has not recieved any puntang in so long that his body is starting to go into remission. its a horrible painful time when a man get despaerate and clingy to anything he can get his hands on. he must be careful who he touches for when this state passes he is likely to regrett what he's done
Jdawg: dude i need some puntang and quick
Ninja_E: why man what's up
Jdawg:im fucking going Cold pussy

Ninja_E:don't do anything or go anywhere im coming over, make sure u dn't do anything u'll regrett
Jdawg: i guarantee nothing
Jdawgthecool가 작성 2009년 05월 25일 (월)
Despite all logic and reason you go after the hardest longest guy/girl on the market. even tho many other fine young specimen have made it clear they would be up for a bit of the old In out in out. Relates to marty mcfly complex original strain coz instead of doing the simple pride forces u to take the long road even its more hazardous.
"Doc what the fucks wrong with me, im on dis loooong chic, dnt even think she likes me."
"then why are u with her my good man. isnt that fine young lady, Ellie giving u the eye "
"yh but this chic'll be worth it someday"
"seems to me like you've got Marty McFly Complex Type 2"
"no shit sherlock"
Jdawgthecool가 작성 2009년 03월 24일 (화)
Old women who think they're hot and think they're totall Milfs but they're not theyre just Overaged, Old and haggered
Cameron Diaz looks so overaged nowadays but did u see her in the Mask. i just had a Bruce Willis
Jdawgthecool가 작성 2009년 07월 06일 (월)
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