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Someone who lusts after a paranormal investigator. Those who follow ghost hunters, or other ghost shows, trying to sleep with the cast. similar to a groupie in the band world.
Hey Janie really wants to sleep with Dustin from Ghost hunters..
Yeah, she really is a ghostie.
Ineedanap가 작성 2009년 01월 25일 (일)
A person who is nocturnal by nature- their sleeping pattern has become reversed from the normal. Often the result of wasting time late at night/early morning online (usually streaming addictive TV shows, watching pointless YouTube videos etc)

Becoming a Nocturn can be a gradual and progressive change of state, sometimes happening without the affected realising that they are still watching Dexter repeats at 5.30am on a Tuesday morning.

Commonly found in students, the unemployed, and those whose jobs require them to work late at night.

Symptoms include, insomnia or oversleeping, excessive napping, disrupted eating pattern, weight gain (due to mindless snacking), the inability to maintain a normal daily routine, missing important appointments or events because you spent all night on youtube trying to teach yourself how to open a bottle with a lighter.
Dave- "Haven't you gone to bed yet? Its 6.20am!"

Fred- "I can't, I'm a Nocturn. I've been watching Animal Planet on Catch Up- if I sleep now then how will I know what happens to the baby Meerkat who lost its mum?!"

Dave- "You need help."
INeedANap가 작성 2013년 12월 30일 (월)
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